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MUTEX is a French insurance company owned by Harmonie Mutuelle and other complementary health care organizations in order to enhance their protection insurance services.

Formerly part of the “Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française”, the insurance business has been carved-out in 2011 to give birth to MUTEX, relocated on a new site near Paris. The IT is relaying on a proprietary software, using Forms, Cobol, Oracle. The hosting has been then outsourced.

600 employees. 2016 annual revenue > €1B

MUTEX is a French insurance company hold by a health care group, mainly le vyv group, Harmonie mutuelle

Interim management of IT Operations 12/2016 – 03/2017

Substitute of the former interim manager. Reporting to the CTO who has been replaced shortly after the mission began. Whole IT: 110 interns.

Managed perimeter: 3 teams,15 interns = operations, printing, help-desk

  • Manage MUTEX IT Operations: Incident Management, SDM, CAB, …
  • Manage IT crisis of Digital systems
  • Set-up the outsourced business printing services
  • Coach the former printing manager to take responsibility of the help-desk team
  • Implement the new organization for users’ IT support after outsourcing renunciation