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CTO - IT Operations Officer 11/2010 – 02/2015

The IS was mainly based on MOVEX running on AS400, a WMS and a B2B site. Bespoke developments were lowering the nominal run and IT infrastructure was exhausted, due to a long period of savings. Working closely with the CIO (50 p. managed) and the CFO, I drove the global IT Operations team, the local IT.

Managed CAPEX > €1.5M & OPEX > €4M.

20 managed employees & ~20 FTE sub-contractors

  • Recover QoS and achieve a 30% budget decrease in 4 years
  • Rationalize RACIs, strengthen helpdesks, normalize relationships with outsourcers
  • Hire 3 Infrastructure Projects Managers, install an effective education program and assume ITIL coaching
  • Refresh, virtualize and simplify the main IT applications, set-up a SAN, generalize VMware, refresh, virtualize XenApps, install automatic provisioning mechanism for CITRIX, ETC    
  • Industrialize operations: centralize supervision on a Centreon console allowing an accurate detailed control of warehouse operations, dramatically reduce impacts of incidents by resolving workload conflicts between non-authorized releases and batches / TP by implementing a single point of schedule with OPCON, consolidate saves with NetBackup
  • Support the migration of the main National platform to a new WMS and daily improvement of IT usage inside the national and local warehouses (WIFI, bare code hand devices, ETC)
  • Rebuild infrastructure, consolidate centralized IT & relocate on a couple of "tier-4" datacenters without significant business incident. Provide high power supply SLA for the ERP systems
  • Found principles for business call-centers. Framework the choice and the deployment of a cloud solution. Daily functional and technical administration of the national ToIP and of 4 existing call centers based on Alcatel OXE
  • Audit partners’ IT projects or firms to be acquired
  • Modernize IT governance. Institutionalize Steering Committees with business for managing IT services levels
  • Design and implement the first IS Security Management System