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1998-2006 Bouygues Telecom

In 1996, Bouygues Telecom has been the 3rd authorized French operator to start commercial operations. The strategy to sustain growth was to build separated IT systems for each main commercial offer. This conducted to employ quite large IT teams, more than 600 employees, and introduced conditions for complex architecture issues.    

Belonging to the global architecture core team since its creation in 2000 by the Yves Cazeau (later CIO). Often been missioned to confidence missions, requiring both architectural vision and tight management.


Yves Jacquin-Ravot joined Bouygues Telecom in 1998.


Enterprise Architect - 3.5 years

Enrich Bouygues’ IT culture with several data principles that made the IS more balanced. Promote integration of non-functional requirements in projects.

  • Animate technical experts’ community
  • Define and annually update 3Years Strategic Plans, including security, sales, sourcing.
  • Steer or validate about 50 telecom architectures’ evolutions
  • Animate strategic meetings about IT evolution in telecom market with key providers, like Accenture, CAP, EMC², HP, IBM, Microsoft and SUN. This helped the CIO to clarify the IT strategy and to uncouple commercial systems
  • Framework enterprise architecture. Draw the first business information model. Define the IT zoning and their recommended technological patterns for each zone

Responsible for IT methods & quality – SO for IT commercial systems - 2 years

  • ISO 9001: recover certification of the repair and supply chain entity after AFAQ suspension

  • Security: Set-up and manage the steering committee, including disaster recovery. Negotiate with LOBs the time and data recovery objectives and design standard solutions patterns

  • Security Officer for commercial IT systems. Conduct internal audits. Animate the management’s security review

  • CMMI: promote this model to IT management that used it for structuring the improvement action plan in response to stakeholders’ inquiries about performance and efficiency

Transition manager of IT Operations Engineering - 11 months

Bouygues was strong on project management but not familiar with services and daily run.

  • Participate to a consulting mission reporting to the CIO in order to organize and rationalize IT operations
  • Manage transition and install the final Director. Create the engineering sector, including hiring employees and manage projects: supervision, save…
    15 employees and sub-contractors managed

Responsible for several IT development teams - 2.5 years

Manage 3 development teams at various time from 3 to 8 people. At the same time, remains member of the architectural committee.

  • Develop the internal IAM system, bases on MICROSOFT technologies
  • Establish the strategic plan for Fraud systems. Manage Y2K issues
  • Member of a task force for prototyping the new IS. Participate to the design. Realize an EAI based prototype with WebMethods, SAP…