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1996-1997 Alcatel

Alcatel constituted an IT consulting department, operating for its own entities and for its main customers.
This department headquattered in Massy near Paris, reached in 1996 about 50 senior consultants, including partners coming from big5.


Alcatel Consulting was headquartered in Massy near Paris and was operating for telcos and enterprises.

IT governance & security Senior Consultant

Write proposals, lead or contribute to IT consulting missions:

France Telecom Mobile (Now Orange Mobile):

Rationalize French IT Operations.
Define and lead a consulting governance mission to rationalize IT Operations (110 internals). I gained customer’s trust during a preliminary security assessment. In order to support a fast-growing market, the mission helped Orange to share workload with several France Telecom bodies and to increase services’ control according to a pre-ITIL model. I conducted cultural changes and gained support from both labor unions and top management. We conducted 4 additional missions employing 10 different consultants. This success helped to reestablish relations between Alcatel and Orange.


European Union:

Contribute to 5 security missions.
Secure a design method, improve disaster recovery of a seasonal activity…